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is a Wearable Electronics company

born to address the increasing consumer need for personal security and protection while integrating seamlessly into their everyday lives.


provide aid
and protection

that cover a multitude of uses, including personal security, child safety and high profile safety as well as a bullet proof clothing smart system for first responder industries.
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Our consumer-facing products provide personal security in the form of smart jewelry (rings, bracelets and collectible charms) that allow users to discreetly call for help during an emergency or disaster with the push of a button.

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Our B2B line offers a unique solution to armed forces personnel, security organizations, first responders and even high profile individuals to track real time crisis and improve response times during an attack.

Our system detects the moment a bullet impacts it and immediately sends a distress call to Hawk, our monitoring station, where members from the monitoring team can deploy personnel to assist during the emergency.

We offer 2 different lines of product

An OEM line where our sensors are embedded on new vests directly from bullet proof clothing manufacturers around the world. For more information contact our OEM department at

An after market solution, ready to be installed on the most popular bullet proof vest models already in market. Simply attach our sensors to the back of the bullet proof panel and activate your accessory from our mobile app to enjoy the benefits of our monitoring solution. For more information contact our After Market department at

Hawk by Be Wear is a monitoring solution for security agencies around the world, used to provide support during emergencies, plan staffing needs and identify potential public safety events.

Hawk monitoring is provided free of charge to agencies where consumer and business solutions are implemented. Security agencies can see in real time, events that have been triggered using one of our solutions within their city.

Multiple distress calls in a specific radius are plotted on a map indicating to police forces a potential public safety threat may be occurring.

Hawk Intelligence allows agencies to plan for staffing and scheduling of problematic areas in their city to optimize resources and budgets.

Hawk Intelligence is offered as a SaaS solution where institutions incur on a regular fee to access historical data. Contact one of our representatives for more information.

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Our team of engineers and designers have a single focus:

to understand consumer/industry needs and develop the right solutions that can be integrated into their everyday lives.

Our Head Quarters are located in Toronto, Canada with R&D and sales offices in Colombia and Mexico.

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130 Atlantic Ave Toronto
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